9 April, 2024

What is Bard, Google’s chatbot and how to use it in marketing?

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Google created Bard, an AI chatbot that takes conversation to the next level. Though the name reminds us of the ancient Europe bards, who told stories verbally, this modern conversational assistant is here to tell stories in a rather different way. In this article, we will explore what Google Bard is and how its application can transform marketing strategies.

In essence, Google Bard is an artificial intelligence chatbot supported by Google. It is based on the Language Model for Dialogue Applications(LaMDA), which learns from public data and online content. In this way, Google Bard has the ability to answer questions in a conversational way, from simple to complex inquiries, as long as utilization criteria are met.

This tool has a vast range of applications, from giving instructions on how to write a romantic letter to itinerary creation for future adventures.

Integrating Google Bard in marketing strategies

  1. Personalized Interaction

Google bard can maintain genuine conversations with users, offering answers and personalized solutions in real time. This allows brands to establish authentic interactions with their customers.

  1. Content creation

Bard can assist content creation. From informative guide creation to answering frequently asked questions, Bard can help save time and resources in the process of content creation.

  1. Customer service

Google Bard ability to provide up to date information can significantly improve customer service. It can answer questions in real time and offer quick solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  1. Market analysis

Bard can collect updated information from the internet, which can be useful to do market analysis and keep up with the emerging trends.

  1. Strategies development

By evaluating the interest and specificity aspects of the Bard generated answers, brands can obtain information about concerns and the most interesting topics for their target audience

Google bard is more than a simple chatbot: it is a conversation catalyst in constant evolution. Its ability to access the internet and generate contextualized relevant answers establishes a new standard for user interaction.

From improving customer service to guide the strategy for content creation, Google Bard offers an exciting platform so that all brands transform their marketing target and connect in a more significant way with their audience in this artificial intelligence era.